Due Diligence & Offers

Northwoods II and 825 Tech Center are being marketed exclusively by NAI Ohio Equities to a select group of investors. The prospective investor will be selected by Seller in its sole and absolute discretion based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

• Offer price
• Financial strength
• Level of discretion to invest funds
• Ability to close in a timely fashion
• Experience in closing similar transactions
• Absence of contingencies
• Level of Property due diligence completed
• Thoroughness and conveyance of Property underwriting
• Timeframe and amount of non-refundable earnest money deposit
• Strength of commitment from lender and terms of debt, if any

NAI Ohio Equities will be available to assist prospective investors to arrange on-site inspections and to answer any questions related to this information.

Offering Procedure


Private tours will be offered by appointment only. Please schedule your site visit as soon as possible by contacting the NAI Ohio Equities sales team.

Call For Offers

May 11, 2018 – Initial Call for Offers

No Contact with Tenants & Property Management

No contact with Tenants or Property Management shall be conducted without prior written approval through NAI Ohio Equities agents.

NAI Ohio Equities hereby solicits offers to purchase Northwoods II and 825 Tech Center. This transaction will be conducted through an offer process in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Offering Memorandum, which Seller may, in its sole discretion, amend or update.

• Investors must be registered through Real Capital Markets,
• Investors must sign the necessary Confidentiality Agreements.
• All due diligence materials will be provided through the property website password protected vault. Access will be granted upon execution of the Confidentiality Agreement and review of the Investor by the Agent.
• All offers must be presented in writing.
• All offers must include the amount of earnest money deposit and timeframe to non-refundable status, an outline of the proposed schedule for due diligence and closing, a description of any physical or environmental assumptions which affect the price being offered, a list of any contingencies, including committee approvals, required to close the transaction.